Randy Couture and Scott Adkins to face off on a Distant Shore

You might've noticed that here on AITH we love action as much as we love the horror stuff, so when we hear news of a potentially kickass action flick coming our way we feel obliged to share it with our readers. And we have some news today about a little flick starring two of our favorite action stars that has us stoked!

The Hollywood Reporter shared the news that THE EXPENDABLES star and UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture will team up with Scott Adkins in action thriller DISTANT SHORE, working from a script by Dan Benamor and Evan Jacobs and with Dominic James on board as director.

Described as being in the vein of DEAD CALM and THE GREY, the story centers around a couple who sails into the ocean to commit suicide but are interrupted by the arrival of another mysterious vessel. Before long these two people who were ready to die are fighting to stay alive.

Veteran indie producers Joseph and Jack Nasser's NGN Releasing is teaming up with Studio City Pictures to finance the pic which is being introduced to buyers in Berlin at the European Film Market. Let's hope they find success there so we can get this film sooner rather than later.

Scott Adkins and Randy Couture recently worked together in THE EXPENDABLES 2 and are both currently wrapping up their individual projects, TOMB OF THE DRAGON and RUSH, respectively (both co-starring Dolph Lundgren). Filming for DISTANT SHORE will start this year.

Scott Adkins terrifies me.

Extra Tidbit: Who do you think would win in the octagon? Adkins or Couture?



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