Raro Video unleashes Night of the Devils on Blu-ray September 25th

The fine folks at Raro Video are truly doing the Lord’s work for fans of Italian horror films. Among the titles they’ve rescued from obscurity and re-gifted to North Americans onto home video PLOT OF FEAR, MURDER OBSESSION, and PERFUME OF THE LADY IN BLACK. The company is continuing this course with the debut of the 1972 film NIGHT OF THE DEVILS (aka LA NOCHE DE LOS DIABLOS) onto Blu-ray and DVD September 25th.

The film sounds like a genuinely zonked Italian shocker based on its synopsis alone: A nameless mentally ill man (Garko) is found wandering in the woods, his mind lost in fever dreams of gruesome, sexual imagery. After admitted into a psychiatric hospital, the man flashes back to his nightmarish encounter with a backwoods family whose dynasty holds a centuries old curse. What follows is a night of unrelenting horror.

The film features music by frequent Dario Argento collaborator Giorgio Gaslini. ALIEN suit creator Carlo Rambaldi provides the gory effects sequences. In terms of extra incentive, the release sports a new HD transfer, improved subtitles, an interview with Gaslini, a video interview from Schizoid Cinephile Chris Alexander, and a fully illustrated booklet of liner notes (also by Alexander).

Though many of you are probably more excited about the prospects of the umpteenth HALLOWEEN Blu-ray re-release, I believe releases like NIGHT OF THE DEVILS hold infinitely more potential. This film wasn’t a childhood favorite of yours to wax nostalgic about-- it’s an entirely new discovery for North American horror fans. Like archeologists, Raro video is dusting off and restoring a piece of horror history with NIGHT OF THE DEVILS. It may not be as momentous as a Lucio Fulci or Dario Argento release, but as something both old (1972) and new (re: unreleased), the film looks to be a stylish, blood soaked discovery. Pre-order the Blu-ray or DVD today and expand your Italian horror horizons.

Extra Tidbit: NIGHT OF THE DEVILS star Agostina Belli (above) also starred in Lucio Fulci's softcore film THE EROTICIST.



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