Real Weird: Dolls possessed by the souls of children gaining popularity

If you already get creeped out by regular dolls or can't stand to look at Chucky of CHILD'S PLAY, you may be very disturbed to hear about the Luk Thep dolls of Thailand, a.k.a. the Child Angels.

Apparently a fascination with the Child Angels is currently sweeping the country after celebrities have made the claim that owning one of the dolls has brought them good luck, like earning them back canceled gigs as soon as they bought their little Angel a new set of clothes.

The Child Angels bring good luck because they're no average doll, these aren't just empty little plastic things. These dolls are said to be possessed by the souls of children. The idea of possessed items being lucky is a part of Thai folklore, going back to the days when witch doctors would take actual human fetuses, preserve them, and then give them out to people as good luck charms. These good luck fetuses were called Kumari Thong and Kuman Thong, "golden little" girls and boys.

Child Angels, thankfully, do not require the use of actual fetuses at any point in their creation. Instead, they're made by a woman named Mae Ning, who then invokes the Hindu mother goddess Parvati to place the soul of a child into the doll.

Once a person owns a Child Angel, they treat the doll with all the care and devotion they would an actual flesh and blood child, dressing them up in nice clothes and taking them out and about with them. Due to popular demand, Thai Smile Airways has announced that they will even be allowing Child Angels owners to purchase a seat for their dolls when they take them on flights.

We could all use some good luck from time to time, but I don't think I would want to own and coddle a possessed baby doll in an attempt to receive luck. Would you?

Extra Tidbit: Do you want to own a Luk Thep?



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