Red band trailer for Jessica Cameron's indie Truth or Dare spreads the red

We've been keeping a close eye on indie actress Jessica Cameron's directorial debut TRUTH OR DARE, sharing with you an early teaser trailer and poster back in April, and following that up only a few weeks later with another teaser that promised us a torturous good time. Now that the film has completed filming and the filmmakers are diving into post-production, we have our first red-band trailer from the flick which you can peep below.

TRUTH OR DARE is about 6 college kids who find internet stardom when they make “Truth or Dare” videos with a violent twist. It is all fun and games until their number one fan decides he wants to play...

Cameron pulled double-duty on TRUTH OR DARE, working both in-front of and behind the camera, starring beside Devanny Pinn (THE BLACK DAHLIA HAUNTING), Heather Dorff (INTRUSIVE BEHAVIOR), Ryan Kiser and Brandon Van Vliet. The film was produced by Jonathan Higgins, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Cameron.

More on TRUTH OR DARE as it comes our way. In the meantime, check the film out online at its official website HERE or by giving them a look on Facebook HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Does TRUTH OR DARE look to be something you're interested in playing?



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