Release details and trailer for On The Inside, starring Olivia Wilde and Nick Stahl

ON THE INSIDE hasn't been reported on by this site since 2010, so it's high time we gave it some love - especially considering it has finally received some release news. The fact that it features the beautiful Olivia Wilde doesn't hurt either...

The psychological thriller, which takes place inside a mental institution, also stars Nick Stahl, Dash Mihok and Pruitt Taylor Vince - who by now has played more mentally disturbed people than anyone else in cinema history.

The plot: Allen Meneric (Nick Stahl) is committed to a psychiatric institution for the criminally insane after carrying out a brutal revenge murder. There, he is forced to deal with the very ill and the dangerous until, as part of a socialization program, he is transferred to minimum security where he meets a beautiful bipolar female inmate named Mia (Olivia Wilde). Ever haunted by his past, Allen seeks his redemption when sudden events demand that he protect Mia from the violence and chaos of the institution.

Directed by D.W. Brown and produced by Jamie Kennedy (yes, that Jamie Kennedy), ON THE INSIDE heads to retail on July 24th. Check out the trailer below.

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