Horror-themed game show Release the Hounds gets full season order

The horror/game show hybrid "Release the Hounds" which debuted on the UK's ITV2 last year as a Halloween special before getting its very own release here in the states through Blackbox TV has been given a full season order. The one-off episode received positive notices for the premise, and an outpouring of interest on Twitter. ITV has now commissioned a six-episode series to be produced by Sony Pictures Television's UK production joint venture Gogglebox. Apparently people enjoy watching others have the living shit scared out of them on a daily basis—who knew!

"Release The Hounds" mixes two genres by sending unsuspecting contestants into a forest at dusk as they seek out chests full of prize money. In order to win big, they must outrun a pack of hounds trained to guard the cash.

Production will start on the hourlong show this spring. Gogglebox created the series with Sony Pictures Television distributing the format internationally; it’s currently in discussions with other territories.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching "Release the Hounds"?
Source: Deadline



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