Remakes of ten 1950s AIP titles in the works

Here's a curious, and ambitious, venture. According to a new press release, producer Lou Arkoff - son of legendary B-movie producer Samuel Z. Arkoff - writer-producer Jeff Katz and ICM alum Hal Sadoff are teaming up to bring us reimaginings of ten (10!) titles in the American International Pictures catalog. Not only that, but all of the films will inhabit a single shared movie universe that will feature a recurring cast of antiheroes, monsters and bad girls.

And horror fans, if you don't know about American International Pictures, you need to pack away your horror credentials until you familiarize yourself with their amazing (and admittedly cheesy) catalog of movies. (Learn more HERE.)

All ten movies were written by Katz, and will all be shot together, back-to-back, with production starting in the fall.

Apparently, these low-budget gems are among those being remade: Girls in Prison, Viking Women & The Sea Serpent, The Brain Eaters, She-Creature, Teenage Caveman, Runaway Daughters, The Undead, War of The Colossal Beast, Cool & The Crazy and Day The World Ended.

How all of these can inhabit the same movie universe is beyond me, but hell, I'm interested to see them try!

Extra Tidbit: Jeff Katz was a former New Line Cinema producer and worked on films like SNAKES ON A PLANE and FREDDY VS. JASON.
Source: THR



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