Resident Evil 2 remake could be in the cards?

It's amazing how fickle horror fans can be. Mention a remake of a classic horror movie and we flip out in a bad way. Propose a remake of a classic horror video game and we flip out in a good way. I could spend all day hypothesizing as to why this is or I could cut to the chase and deliver some news on a possible RESIDENT EVIL 2 remake.

In a recent interview, Capcom producer Yoshiaka Hirabayashi revealed that the company has no plans to remake RESIDENT EVIL 2. However, if fan demand was big enough Capcom could potentially pursue the project:

"...If the fans really clamor for it; if there's a groundswell of support for remaking that game, then I think that's something Capcom would take under consideration."

Having grown up in the era of tank-controlled survival horror games like RESIDENT EVIL, I would not be against a remake that put it on par with the recent series. Then again, I'm also not going to rushing out to start a petition, either. How do you guys feel? Should we start campaigning for a RESIDENT EVIL 2 remake? Talk back below and while you're at it, check out our absolutely ace RESIDENT EVIL: DAMNATION contest.

Extra Tidbit: Sienna Guillory (above) made a very accurate looking RESIDENT EVIL 3-styled Jill Valentine in APOCALYPSE. Let's take a moment to appreciate that.
Source: Gamespot



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