Resident Evil: Retribution Q&A with Milla Jovovich

Ever since the first time I'd seen her strum a guitar in Dazed and Confused, or beat an army of alien ass in The Fifth Element, I’ve been in love with Milla “Leeloo Dallas Multi-Pass” Jovovich. Today, in the heart of New York City, within the soundproofed walls of Regal Union Square Cinemas, I got the opportunity to sit in the same room as this ravishing beauty as she discussed her upcoming reprised role as Alice in the latest Resident Evil film.

At the start of the event, much to the delight of all the fans in attendance, Sony Entertainment instructed that everyone please put on their Real 3D glasses for an exclusive preview of a completed scene from the film. From out of the darkening atmosphere of the theater we were all transported to a blindingly white, long corridor. Dressed in her finest Kevlar bodysuit to date (designed and conceptualized by Milla herself), and brandishing a berretta (a staple of the franchise) in one hand and a chain flail in the other, the audience cheered as Alice laid to waste a horde of Japanese zombies.

Say what you will about the Resident Evil franchise, but for better or worse, this clip had “fun” written all over it! Taking true advantage of the latest 3D technology Sony has to offer, the film’s director (known to many as the lucky son of a gun married to the film’s throat-voiced heroine) seems to once again be pulling out all the stops for Resident Evil: Retribution … or as I like to call it, Resident Evil: Zombie Killing in Slow Motion.

Shortly after the cheers died down, the event’s energetic host, Jordan Hoffman, invited the lovely Milla out to join the rest of the rabid patrons of Theater Four for a globally streaming Q&A session. Fans from all over the world tuned in with their questions for the film’s lead actress.

During the Q&A, Milla dished about all the many joys and difficulties of making the film. And in between graciously accepting the copious amount of catcalls from some of the audiences more saucy attendees, she shared some rather cool behind-the-scenes stories. One that stood out in particular was when they were building the 15-foot long, all glass corridor for the “Corridor of Light” fight sequence, they actually needed to ask that Toronto construction workers to stop building a nearby skyscraper in order to “borrow” glass to complete the visually alluring set piece.

After powering the corridor with a total of 14 generators, the glass became so hot that it would actually burn the skin of its actors on contact. But thanks to the tenacity of one supreme being (Milla) and a stellar cast of Japanese stunt men and women, we’ve now got a rather stylistic venue in which to snap some necks and shoot some zombies in their contorted faces.

A part of the Q & A that I enjoyed immensely was listening to the manner in which Milla approached the various fan questions regarding the integrity of the franchise. It’s so often that actors and actresses, when placed in front of a live audience, will gush about how amazing the film is- making it appear as if there’s nothing like it on the planet. But as Milla reassured the audience that these films are not to be taken too seriously, it put me at ease knowing that the films are much more of a passion project between fans of the gaming franchise, and not to be looked at as serious, hardcore action films.

Perhaps the point that was stressed about this Resident Evil installment in particular, is that the T-Virus (you know, the zombie inducing catalyst soon to be replaced by exotic bath salts?) has gone global. It goes without saying that this poses an even bigger threat to the film’s star-studded cast which includes: Michelle Rodriguez, Sienna Guillroy, and fan favorite, Oded Fehr.

It is the enormity of this threat that RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION will be taking us all over the globe. In fact, the fifth film in the franchise sees Alice and her friends from Raccoon City doing battle against zombies, infected dogs, crows, Lickers, Hunters and much more in what’s become the ruined majesty of Tokyo, Japan as well as a demolished New York City. With the film’s locations stretching out across the entire globe, I can only guess as to where we might end up.

As part of the closing festivities of the event the audience was asked, once again, to put on their Real 3D glasses and prepare to be dazzled, as we were the first to witness the full RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION trailer in all of its glory. You can see it right below, followed by some pics of an adorable Milla.

Now, understand that I am fully aware of just how over the top each sequel to the Resident Evil films has become in the past several years, but there is no denying that this movie looks to be a hell of a good time. Looking beyond the extraneous use of slow-motion action shots and ever present zombies equipped with thousand yard stares, there’s no doubt that this film will push the envelope in regard to fact that these film adaptations have taken the mythos of Resident Evil to a new heights.

Overall, the event was a joyful and positive experience. Milla brought her vibrant personality and humor about herself and the Resident Evil cannon. I got to gaze upon the woman at the top of my Hollywood crush list, interact with fans, make new friends (including the lovely CgrPower who was gracious enough to share her Q&A close-up shots of Milla with us), and even pop across the street to geek out at Forbidden Planet, one of New York City’s premiere comic shops.

RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION opens in theaters inside the United States on September 14th and will be presented in Sony Real 3D. With a heavy wink from Milla about there being plans for a sixth film, I’m sure this won’t be the last time we see her and the rest of the characters from Raccoon City buried up to their necks in danger, zombies, and blood...I just hope it isn’t Chris' blood.



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