Retro-styled trailer for It Came From Yesterday has old-school B-movie vibe

While most of us prefer the gore and T&A of the genre films we have grown up with, it's always fun to revisit the era which inspired the filmmakers that delivered the classics we all grew up with. These films of that classic era often featured cheesy monsters, ridiculous minatures, over-the-top acting and far-fetched plotlines, but over time have maintained their appeal. It is that appeal that Clear Conscience Pictures and writer/director Jeff Waltrowski hope to recapture with IT CAME FROM YESTERDAY, a tongue-in-cheek story of a 1940’s scientist solving the mystery of an alien army with connections to his own past. Today we have a look at the retro-styled trailer for the flick, which has just been acquired for North American distribution by Panorama Entertainment.

IT CAME FROM YESTERDAY: A Professor Jack Adventure is the feature film that launches scientist/adventurer Professor Jack into unknown realms of adventure! Along with his sidekicks, Buddy and Penny Precious, Jack must unravel the mysterious plot of inter-dimensional creatures hell-bent on enslaving the human race in this serial-inspired sci-fi extravaganza!

While the trailer suggest that the filmmakers relied more heavily on CGI effects rather than the aforementioned miniatures, trick lighting and other effects gimmicks of the films that inspired it, the film itself seems to capture the spirit of the classics of the era. We'll have to see if it all comes together when the film see's release in the future.

IT CAME FROM YESTERDAY stars Jeff Waltrowski (Project: Valkyrie), Nathan Hollabaugh (George A. Romero’s Deadtime Stories, Unstoppable), Nayli Russo, Joel Ripka and Erica Highberg (Swarm of the Snakehead).


Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite film from the '40's/50's?



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