Return of the Killer Shrews is real and coming soon

In 1959, the original KILLER SHREWS exploded onto drive-in screens, as a charter boat Captain and a bevy of hapless scientists were besieged by a horde of mutant beasts on a remote, storm-swept island. This classic mad doctor-meets-monster movie mashup featured edgy character actor James Best as Captain Thorne Sherman and famously low-fi special effects, giving birth to one of the most revered genre entries of its era.  

Now, more than five decades later, the snarling, blood-hungry monsters are back in RETURN OF THE KILLER SHREWS. You can check out the trailer below, along with some silly lobby cards and then let us know if this film is your cup of blood.

As if you needed to know, the film follows

Captain Thorne Sherman who returns to Shrew Island with a boatload of cargo for a TV crew filming a reality television show.  As the cameras roll, cast and crew members start falling prey to strange bloodthirsty creatures, and Thorne Sherman comes face to face with the toothy terrors that have haunted his dreams for so many years. What, or who could be behind the bloody rampage of the insatiable giant killer shrews? 

The demented creature feature RETURN OF THE KILLER SHREWS splatters its way onto VOD platforms this Halloween season! Fans of pop culture and gonzo gorefests will eat up this tasty treat, as it hearkens back to the grindhouse drive-in era with sexy babes, carnivorous creatures and bloody mayhem, and does it with a smile. 

Best is joined by John Schneider, Rick Hurst, Bruce Davison, Jennifer Lyons, Christopher Goodman, Holly Weber, Patrick Moran, Jason Shane Scott, Katherine Randolph, Jeneta St. Clair, and Sean Flynn.  

RETURN OF THE KILLER SHREWS comes barking onto VOD for the first time later this year hitting iTunes presales October 12th, iTunes October 26th, and then Amazon and Google Launch come November 9th.  

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