Review: Hannibal, Episode #2

Hannibal, Episode #2
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EPISODE 1: Amuse-Bouche

THE MENU: Will Graham is still on the case, still reeling from the lengths he had to go to in the Hobbs case, Graham is ordered to go a psych evaluation with the charismatic Dr. Lecter. Meanwhile, a new disturbed individual pops up with an M.O for the ages.

THE MAIN COURSE: Let me tell you the moment that I was assured this show has me hooked for the long haul, the beginning of the episode in which Will Graham is informed he has to undergo a psych evaluation by none other than Dr. Hannibal Lecter sent chills up my spine. When just the name of a character we know to be as diabolical as Lecter is enough to inspire some spine tingling you know you may have something special if they manage to keep up the intrigue. This leads me to my first point, while last episode had Dancy as Will Graham shining, tonight was Mads Mikkelsen owning the proceedings all the way and thank Zeus for that.

Lecter was present for two of my favorite scenes of the episode. One being his scene with the unbelievably beautiful Fredricka Lounds (Lara Jean Chorostecki) in which he was able to portray his first moment of polite menace like only he can pull off, while questioning of all things…her ethics. Yeah, you read that right. Lecter has also plunged in deeper to his relationship with Will Graham, confronting him on the actions he took at the end of the first episode. I love this dynamic because it presents some pretty serious themes and debates, whether you should feel guilty for offing someone who pretty much embodied evil. Throughout the episode the brilliant cinematography was again at work in the form of hallucinations Graham was having that were connected to said actions, and we didn’t know the extent of what he was feeling until the last crucial scene between Lecter and Graham.

So how is the story progressing? Pretty well I must say. We’re getting what is essentially a baddie of the week formula while keeping it all connected through the road we know it’s going to take. In this episode we get a disturbing central story in a pharmacist who handpicks victims, induces them in a coma and buries them in shallow graves infested with fungi. He eventually learns of Graham’s existence thanks to our sexy tabloid blogger and grows fascinated with him thinking Graham will be able to understand him, which leads to an interesting enough confrontation. We have not seen the last of Hobbs’ daughter and I’m interested to see how her story will play out in the thick of things, I think there could be an interesting dynamic coming between her, Graham, and Lecter.

Once again, the episode was so beautifully shot that it almost hurt. From the beginning we delve into Graham’s psyche once again, and we’re treated to more of Graham “putting himself into the shoes of psychotics.” I mean sh*t, these people now how to make creamer being poured into a cup of coffee look beautiful. They still haven’t ceased with providing the cringe inducing moments as well, that mushroom graveyard was disturbing to see, as was a layer of skin being peeled off a victim’s mouth. I also dug a baddie who has no reservations about committing atrocious acts in broad daylight as well; you’ll see what I’m talking about. Oddly enough, the moment that got me came when a would be victim being prepped in pounds of dirt in this nutcase's trunk…just something about it freaked me the f*ck out.

DESSERT: Bring on more of the themes of morals and the nature of these characters, seriously that last scene between Lecter and Graham made the episode, with some brilliant dialogue for Mads to work with. Men get their dose of seductive sexiness with the addition of “Freddie” Louds, while she is also a strong character who is determined to get her scoop, I can dig it. Our supporting cast continues to do great, especially Laurence Fishburne. The show continues to look amazing, which is a great strength and the overall story remains promising. More Lecter, more terror…bring on more Hannibal. Next week's episode is entitled "Potage" and definitely seems to pick up steam, here's a preview of what to expect.



Extra Tidbit: We're two episodes in, from what you've seen do you think this has the potential to be considered among the great horror TV shows we've been getting as of late? Or leaning more towards generic cop serials? I saw someone compare it to Criminal Minds already. What say you?



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