Review: Hannibal, Episode #8

Hannibal, Episode #8
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EPISODES 6: Fromage

THE MENU: Will Graham continues to be haunted by his inner demons, meanwhile a new killer Tobias Budge emerges with a particular love for violins who intersects with Hannibal Lecter and disturbs his comfort level like nobody that came before him.

THE MAIN COURSE: I asked for more build of the relationship between Will Graham and Dr. Lecter, and this episode delivered that in spades. An almost touching moment happened in tonight’s climax that showed a hint of sadness when Lecter was led to believe the baddie of the week had gotten the best of him. Speaking of we were treated to the only man who could be considered more sadistic than Hannibal in a music teacher named Tobias Budge (wonderfully portrayed by Demore Barnes). Some depth to the man was shown when Tobias crossed paths with Lecter, a man who he has discovered shares his life views and hobbies, and instead of killing him as previously planned wants a friend. Tobias seems almost desperate for Hannibal to accept; alas this episode tells us the only man who can make Lecter consider friendship is the tortured Will Graham.

Speaking of Graham, it was wonderful having an episode that dove deeper into his walk up to the edge of his own metaphorical cliff; this poor twisted son of a bitch is losing it. I’m getting the continued hallucinations in the form of Hobbs, but hearing these various animal sounds is a new twist and I hope we get a season two so they can continue to pull the trigger on it. Yet another new relationship is being developed in a love interest for Graham with Dr. Alana Bloom, thanks a bunch for giving us a reason that makes sense as to why she’s so hesitant. She’s a doctor man, in a relationship she’d be psychoanalyzing you left and right and it would piss you off royally, wouldn’t exactly be a match made in heaven…but that’s what knockin’ boots casually is for. It was pretty awesome seeing Graham going to Hannibal after it happened, we need more of those moments that have nothing to with a case, and I buy into a “friendship” more that way.

In the what the f*ck am I seeing department, Hannibal seems to try to get into the habit of one-upping itself week after week, and a violin lodged down a poor schmucks throat is a good way to start. Cut throats, the process of stealing a man’s organs and preparing them violin string use, Will Graham imagining playing a violin with a dead man’s vocal cords yup… this episode definitely didn’t shy away from the good stuff. In less gory knows, a nice moment came in the form of a neck snap a poor guy didn’t exactly see coming, and I hate to admit I had to smile at Hannibal enjoying those precious moments that come up in which to be himself. Kudos to whoever choreographed the climactic fight scene between our two psychos…Hannibal isn’t just some behind the scenes organ eater who can stare a whole through you, motherf*cker can scrap man.

So, any beefs to be had with Fromage? None really that wouldn’t sound dangerously close to becoming nitpicky, I noticed the eccentricities that Dan Fogler’s guest spot had in the previous episode pretty much disappeared here. He seemed pretty damn well adjusted other than struggling with whether or not to turn in his best bud. Also, and there is a bit of a SPOILER HERE: I wish they would leave open an opportunity for kick ass characters like Tobias to come back, would have loved a Hannibal like grand escape for the dude to come into play (END SPOILER). This show has conceived too many characters I want to see more of, and too many relationship dynamics I want to see more of to become more emotionally invested than can be pulled off every week. To this episodes credit, that’s not really a complaint that can be attributed to the overall bad ass quality of tonight, so sh*t on all this rambling.

DESSERT: All in all, tonight’s shining moments were the continuously creative ways (great use of a beautiful instrument) the show finds to incorporate Hannibal’s M.O. into the grizzly things we see week in and week out…clever shit folks, keep it up. It’s about time I really feel the relationship between Graham and Lecter really develop, Hannibal is intrigued by this guy and I loved seeing genuine concern for Graham on the face of Lecter. This strength was wonderfully juxtaposed by Tobias finding the same desire for a connection with Hannibal and getting not a damn thing in return, could we have been spared an awesome fight if that dinner had went differently? Who knows? All this looks like it will bring the emotional weight I’m waiting to see when sh*t finally hits the fan. Great guest stars this week, Tobias was pretty damn frightening and it was great seeing more of Gillian Anderson looking as tempting as ever. Graham is slowly losing his shit, and tragedy draws near…bring it on!

Next weeks episode is entitled "Trou Normand" and gives us a glimpse into more of threat of a destructive relationship between Graham and Alana Bloom, and Graham may have stumbled onto a realization that Lecter wasn't quite ready for him to have yet. Check out the preview here



Extra Tidbit: Tonight's episode was directed by Tim Hunter, the man behind the camera for many a television show including an episode of American Horror Story's first season.



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