Ridley Scott nearly crossed over the Blade Runner and Prometheus universes?

Let's be honest. We're all movie nerds here. I'm sure many of you schmoes have fantasized about BLADE RUNNER'S Roy Batty squaring off against a Xenomorph, or maybe Rick Deckard hunting Ash through a Weyland-Yutani space station. So did Ridley Scott, apparently...

With PROMETHEUS' Blu-ray hitting store shelves tomorrow, a 58-second Easter Egg, "Merging Ridleyverses" has been confirmed. In short, it will make ALIEN and BLADE RUNNER fans cream their fanboy jeans. Said featurette confirms that Scott was preparing to make some very close connections between the two in the ALIEN prequel:

According to concept artist Ben Proctor:

"There's one idea that I'm very sad that we didn't do. Ridley, one day, came in and said, 'You know, I'm thinking what if it's the Weyland-Tyrell Corporation? Is that cool? Maybe the bodyguards that come out with Weyland, maybe one of them says Batty on his uniform.' And we're like 'Awesome! Do it, do it!'"

Not only that, but rumor has it the UK edition of PROMETHEUS includes an Easter Egg letter from Peter Weyland (played by Guy Pearce in the film) detailing Eldon Tyrell as both a mentor and competitor. Doesn't that just blow your mind? If so, head on over to Amazon and pre-order the Blu-ray uber-edition, regular edition, or the plain ol' DVD. Unless you want the possibility of in-movie ALIEN/BLADE RUNNER cross-over fan fic to be lost like tears in the rain...

Extra Tidbit: Charlize Theron (above) is too perfect to be human.
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