Ridley Scott to produce The Twisted, starring Teresa Palmer

Teresa Palmer

Ridley Scott is launching a new genre label, choosing projects that will be released under the banner of "Ridley Scott Presents", and it has been announced that his first "Presents" project will be THE TWISTED.

A sci-fi thriller based on true events, THE TWISTED will be directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi (THE FOURTH KIND) from a screenplay by Natasha Pincus and Harper's Island creator Ari Schlossberg, who also wrote the Robert De Niro / Dakota Fanning film HIDE AND SEEK.

THE TWISTED centers on 

a child psychologist with a haunted past who is dispatched to an isolated orphanage to investigate a group of children who start exhibiting peculiar symptoms following an extraterrestrial encounter.

Teresa Palmer, who will be seen facing supernatural horrors in this summer's LIGHTS OUT, has signed on to play the child psychologist. 

THE TWISTED is schedued to start filming on June 15th. Ridley Scott producing and presenting a series of genre movies sounds like a very promising prospect to me, so I look forward to seeing how this one turns out.

Teresa Palmer

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