Ringu helmer Hideo Nakata set to tackle graphic novel adaptation Suicide Forest

If you're a fan of AITH, or horror in general for that matter, you should be familiar with Hideo Nakata. He's the guy that's behind the popular RINGU franchise as well as it's US counterpart. Now don't worry.. news today doesn't have Mr. Nakata tackling a new RING film. Instead he'll be stepping into a completely new project - an adaptation of graphic novel THE SUICIDE FOREST.

Alright... I already have the feeling this one is going to be pretty tapped. Word over at Deadline New York has Nakata signing on to direct THE SUICIDE FOREST for producers Roy Lee and Taka Ichise. A screenwriter is currently being sought for the project, which has IDW’s Ted Adams and John Middleton serving as executive producers. The rundown for the IDW Publishing comic reads:

The first in a series of four graphic novels written by El Torres with artwork by Gabriel Hernandez, the thriller revolves around Aokigahara, a vast forest outside Tokyo which is called the most famous suicide spot in the world. Legend that spirits of past suicides roaming among the trees. An American ex-pat living in Tokyo must enlist the help of a forest ranger in Aokigahara to help free him from the clutches of an evil spirit haunting him from the Suicide Forest.

Sounds good to me! Hopefully this one ends up being a fun ride.

Unfortunately that's all the info we have for THE SUICIDE FOREST right now but you can bet as soon as more news on this one spills our way we'll be right here to pass it along to all of you.

Extra Tidbit: Gore Verbinski actually directed the US RINGU remake THE RING, which starred Naomi Watts (above).
Source: Deadline



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