R.I.P.: Carrie Fisher dies at age 60

Carrie Fisher

2016, man. People have been making jokes about it being an awful year, but it's getting seriously gnarly in the week before the new year. On Christmas, we lost pop icon George Michael, and now two days later, our worst fears have been realized. Carrie Fisher, who suffered a heart attack last week, has passed away at the age of 60.

Born October 21, 1956, Fisher is an actress who has been immortalized as Princess Leia in the evergreen STAR WARS franchise, most recently appearing in EPISODE VII: THE FORCE AWAKENS. The upcoming EPISODE VIII, which is in post-production, will be one of her final roles.

She ignited the imagination of many a sci-fi fan, but Fisher had a keen imagination of her own. She was also a prolific writer, acting as script doctor on films like LAST ACTION HERO, THE WEDDING SINGER, and SISTER ACT and penning several novels and memoirs.

Carrie Fisher has cropped up in beloved properties many times over the years, and it was always a delight to stumble across her in some new context, whether it be the horror films SCREAM 3 and SORORITY ROW, a hilarious cameo in JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK, or her appearances on the sitcoms 30 Rock and Catastrophe, she made a strong impression across the board.

The clever and talented Fisher will live on in the hearts and memories of scores of people across the world. Our hearts go out to her friends, family, and fans.

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