RIP: Ernest Borgnine, acclaimed character actor, Academy Award winner

It is with great sadness that we bring you the news that veteran actor Ernest Borgnine passed away yesterday at Cedars Sinai medical center in Los Angeles. He was 95 years old. Our deepest condolences go out to Mr. Borgnine's family and friends.

Instantly recognizable, Ernest Borgnine had possibly one of the longest and most fulfilling careers in the history of show business. Born in 1917, he served in the Navy during the Great Depression, re-enlisting after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He started his career as a stage actor, moving on to cinema and television in the early 1950s. Having won an Oscar for his role in 1955's MARTY, he continued to have a long and prolific career, appearing in such films as THE WILD BUNCH, THE DIRTY DOZEN, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, THE DEVIL'S RAIN and WILLARD. He went on to win three Emmys, as well as a life achievement award from the Screen Actors Guild in 2010.

His manager, Lynda Bensky, told CNN:

"It's a very sad day. The industry has lost someone great, the caliber of which we will never see again. A true icon. But more importantly, the world has lost a sage and loving man who taught us all how to 'grow young.' His infectious smile and chuckle made the world a happier place."

Source: CNN



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