R.I.P. Sweathog and Jason Lives actor Ron Palillo

We deeply regret to report that actor Ron Palillo passed away yesterday at the age of 63 due to an apparent heart attack.

While Palillo will be best remembered by the mainstream as Arnold Horshack on WELCOME BACK KOTTER, he will always be remembered among horror fans for his brief but memorable turn in JASON LIVES: FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VI. There he played Allen Hawes, the manic but ultimately doomed friend of protagonist Tommy Jarvis (Thom Matthews, pictured with director Tom McLoughlin and Palillo below).

Palillo maintained a pretty steady career as a character actor after his stint as a Sweathog ended, and but was mostly relegated to low-budget projects toward the end of his career. Still, he racked up a notable amount of roles in several genre films, including TREES 2: THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL, HELLGATE, SURF 2, SNAKE EATER and its sequel.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family at this time.

Extra Tidbit: The poster to SNAKE EATER may be the most manly picture of all time. Google image that shite now!
Source: TMZ



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