R.I.P.D pushed back to July 2013

Who’s ready to play the release date shuffle? R.I.P.D., apparently, as the studio has moved it back from it’s original June 28, 2013 date to July 19th.

The adaptation of the popular Dark Horse comic is now being put in direct competition with the sequel to audience favorite GROWN-UPS. It will also be following on the heels Guillermo del Toro’s highly anticipated PACIFIC RIM, which is released a week beforehand. Whether or not this move could prove hazardous to R.I.P.D.’s box office take remains to be seen.

Then again, it may also be that Universal has some faith in the horror-comedy. The undead are all the rage in the mainstream these days, as evidenced by properties like THE WALKING DEAD and the upcoming PARANORMAN. Plus a cast made up of favorites like Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Bacon and Mary-Louise Paker can’t hurt matters either. The horror-comedy genre is a notoriously iffy one in terms of box-office appeal, but if R.I.P.D. has enough action it could hit with the masses in a big way. 

But guys-- the first GROWN-UPS was really, really good. Or so Chris Rock’s tweets tells me. I guess all we can do is wait for audiences to speak with their hard earned cash. In the meantime, how about a gratuitous sexy picture of Mrs. Parker to play us out?

Extra Tidbit: Is this Kevin Bacon's return to horror/comedy since TREMORS? I believe it might.
Source: Variety



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