RLJE Films acquires Can Evrenol's Housewife for North American release

Housewife Can Evrenol

A couple years after gaining international attention with his "cops vs. the forces of Hell" feature directorial debut BASKIN, Turkish director Can Evrenol is back with his second feature, HOUSEWIFE. Evrenol's sophomore film has been making the festival rounds and generating good word of mouth, even winning the "Best Director" award at Melbourne’s MonsterFest. Now RLJE Films has announced that they will be bringing HOUSEWIFE to a wider audience in North America this fall.

In HOUSEWIFE, which Evrenol wrote with BASKIN co-writer Cem Özüduru, 

young Holly's sister and father are killed by her frantic mother. Years later, Holly is married, lonely, and her life is about take a turn for the ultra-weird, when she visits the leader of the "Umbrella of Love and Mind."

Clémentine Poidatz stars as Holly.

Although BASKIN seemed intriguing to me, I still haven't gotten around to watching it, partially because I was put off by some underwhelming reviews. (Our own Jake Dee gave the film a 5/10.) I do intend to watch it one of these days, and will by the time RLJE Films releases HOUSEWIFE later this year.

Extra Tidbit: What did you think of BASKIN?



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