Rob Reiner takes on Cape Fear like psychological thriller You Belong To Me

Rob Reiner navigating CAPE FEAR like territory? Oh hell yeah!

Reiner (MISERY) has just committed to directing a new psychological thriller called YOU BELONG TO ME for Stone Village. Ever diverse, this'll mark the first time Reiner plumbs such material since successfully adapting Stephen King's MISERY back in 1990. About damn time!

Written by David Murray, the project centers on a psychiatrist that does the one thing you are never supposed to do with your patients and that’s talk about yourself.

Quite vague there, but again, comparisons to CAPE FEAR have been drawn.

Here's what Reiner said about taking the project:

“They are hard to make well but this one has a deep psychological bent to it and a big twist in the end that I didn’t see coming. That's why I decided to take a whack at this one."

So twisty and original...sounds sweet to me! Word is production is slated to begin this fall, with casting currently getting underway. Richard Lewis of Southpaw Entertainment will also produce.

CAPE FEAR'S Juliette Lewis

Extra Tidbit: Your favorite Rob Reiner film is...? Mine's STAND BY ME!
Source: THR



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