Rob Zombie delivers a Lords of Salem behind-the-scenes pic

A couple days back, we reported Rob Zombie's LORDS OF SALEM would be released April 26th, 2013. To keep the hype machine running during the wait, the director has released a new behind-the-scenes pic from the film.

An accompanying caption gives a bit of context:

Here's a shot of some witchy business from THE LORDS OF SALEM. (left to right) Michael Berryman, RZ, Meg Foster and Sid Haig out in the freezing cold. Poor Meg was locked in the cage.

It seems pretty straightforward, but I gotta say that's one trippy looking cage. Admittedly, it's a Rob Zombie film, which means everything is either trippy looking or referencing obscure horror films of old. That's sort of his thing. Well, that and getting his wife to remove her clothes on camera. Enjoy an image of that below...

Extra Tidbit: Though he gets a lot of flack for it, I dig Zombie's casting of his wife in all his films. Clearly, she's a kind of muse for the guy. Plus, she has acting chops and is easy on the eyes. I fail to see a drawback...
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