Robert Forster may be the new sheriff of Twin Peaks

Some news has come out about the upcoming revival of Twin Peaks that may be quite upsetting to fans of the initial 1990 - '91 run of the David Lynch television show:

Michael Ontkean, who played Twin Peaks sheriff Harry S. Truman (pictured above), has opted not to return for the new season. Ontkean is retired from acting, and not even Twin Peaks is enough to lure him back to the craft.

Having only ever watched one episode of Twin Peaks, a fact which I plan to rectify before the revival starts airing on Showtime in 2016 or 2017, I don't really have any reaction to Ontkean choosing not to come back, but I am a big fan of the actor who is rumored to be replacing him.

According to TVLine, Robert Forster could be playing the sheriff in the new episodes of Twin Peaks, although it's not clear if he'll be a new character or if he'll be playing Truman. Apparently Forster had been in the running to play Truman back in 1990.

Forster is an awesome actor with a career that consists of nearly 50 years of credits on 172 different projects. MEDIUM COOL, THE BLACK HOLE, ALLIGATOR, VIGILANTE, JACKIE BROWN, MULHOLLAND DRIVE... The guy has been around, and even if the absence of Ontkean is disappointing, Forster should make a fine addition to the show.

Many of the show's original cast members are returning, including Kyle MacLachlan, and they will be joined by new additions Amanda Seyfried, Balthazar Getty, Robert Knepper, and Peter Sarsgaard.

David Lynch is directing every episode of the season, and also wrote them all with Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost.

Extra Tidbit: How do you feel about Ontkean not coming back?
Source: TVLine



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