Robert Hiltzik talks the fate of the Sleepaway Camp remake and more!

The genre was hit pretty hard with some big news a few months back when it was announced that the cult classic SLEEPAWAY CAMP was being eyed for a franchise reboot. Since then, however, all talks on a revamped SLEEPAWAY CAMP sort of disappeared. So what’s the deal? Last night Fangoria and Scream Factory held a NYC screening of SLEEPAWAY CAMP with its original director, Robert Hiltzik, in attendance who dished out the latest details on the project, and it doesn’t sound too good.

“There were several studios interested in remaking SLEEPAWAY CAMP,” noted Hiltzik when asked of the remake. “But they had their own vision for what that should be, and in the interest of protecting what worked about SLEEPAWAY CAMP, I decided to try to remake the film myself. But whether or not that will actually pan out is still in the air.”  So it sounds like we're just going to have to play the waiting game as far as a SLEEPAWAY CAMP remake is concerned. That might not be such a bad thing if you ask me.

With that all being said, there’s still some light at the end of the tunnel as Hiltzik went on to drop quite the bombshell. “I will say there is another story out there for SLEEPAWAY CAMP that follows RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP. I ended that movie in a way that didn’t close up the series for a reason,” added Hiltzik. “I actually may have some news on a third SLEEPAWAY CAMP film soon so keep an eye out for that.” Screw the remake, man, let's see this instead!

That’s all for now, folks, but don’t forget about Scream Factory’s upcoming Blu-ray release of SLEEPAWAY CAMP on May 27th! You can pre-order it right HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Would you rather see a remake or a third SLEEPAWAY CAMP from Hiltzik instead?
Source: Fangoria



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