Robert Stromberg hired by Disney to direct Maleficent with Angelina Jolie

So, let's rerun this bitch. That's a no to Guillermo del Toro. No To David O. Russell. No to Darren Aronofsky. No from Tim Burton. And after 6 months of quiescence? Suddenly a yes to Robert Stromberg?

Deadline is reporting that yes, Robert Stromberg (seen right) has been hired to adapt a live action version of MALEFICENT for Disney. Lucky him, as he'll get to toss cues at the one and only Angelina Jolie, who has been saving a soft spot for this character for a few years now. This will mark the feature debut for of the award winning visual FX artist Stromberg, who, since 1987, has accrued more than 90 credits. He most recently won an Oscar for his work on ALICE IN WONDERLAND, which makes sense since Linda Woolverton wrote scripts for both ALICE and MALEFICENT...both for Disney.

So, while it's Stromberg's first directing gig, the studio is keeping it all in the family so to speak. Speaking of the script, it's more or less a live-action take on Sleeping Beauty, telling the fairy tale from the point of view of the evil witch (Maleficent) who threatened to kill the princess. Sounds like a fun role for Angie to play. Chick does sexy-evil like no one's business, imagine the subversion she'll bring to a family oriented Disney yarn. Cheeky f*ckin' vixen...I love it!

Nothing malefic here!

Extra Tidbit: Has Jolie the same allure she once had?
Source: Deadline



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