Robotic police officers take on the mutant menace in Code 8 teaser

Arrow star Stephen Amell has debuted a teaser trailer for a sci-fi project that he, his cousin Robbie Amell, and FAST & FURIOUS / BULLET TO THE HEAD co-star Sung Kang have been working on in secret since last August. It's something called CODE 8, and it's not quite clear exactly what it is right now, whether it's a feature, a short, or just a proof-of-concept video. An official site has gone live with a countdown clock ticking down the seconds until March 22nd, when more is expected to be revealed.

Directed by Jeff Chan and written by Chris Pare, CODE 8 is set in a place called Lincoln City, where the 4% of the population that have abnormal abilities make up 60% of the arrests made by the city's police force, which partially consists of robot cops.

Also in the cast are Aaron Abrams, Chad Donella, and Alfred Rubin Thompson.

Check out the teaser below and see what you think of CODE 8 so far.

Extra Tidbit: Are you interested in CODE 8?



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