Rocker Slash has an '80s style slasher in the works

It seems like a perfect pairing: musician/horror aficionado Slash, who recently started producing movies under his Slasher Films banner, will be teaming with Revolver Picture Company to produce a slasher movie. There is no title and the producers are keeping the plot to themselves for now, saying only that the project

harks back to popular slasher franchises of the '80s like Halloween and Friday the 13th.

That's enough to sell me on it. Being called Slash and naming his company Slasher Films, I'm just surprised that Slash didn't start off his producing career with a slasher. He had been thinking of making one, though, and during a meeting with Revolver's Kelly Wagner and Nick Phillips it came to light that they were all interested in putting together an '80s homage.

Brian Sieve, screenwriter of the two sequels to the Sam Raimi-produced 2005 film BOOGEYMAN, then fleshed the producers' ideas out into script form. 

Slash promises that he and his collaborators have "something awesome" in store for audiences, and the hope is, of course, that this slasher will launch a franchise. 

BOOGEYMAN 3's Erin Cahill

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