Roger Corman is executive producing the new PIRANHA!

Last week we let you guys in on the story that original PIRANHA producer Chako van Leeuwen, a.k.a. Hisako Tsukaba was setting up a PIRANHA project in her Japan. We also shared some pre-production art, which I've also attached below on this article as well.

As cool as the news that we will be getting another PIRANHA movie is, cooler still is today's news where we are learning that the original 1978 Joe Dante PIRANHA's producer is coming back on board to Executive Produce this newest installment.

That's right Roger Corman is executive producing the new PIRANHA!

I call it the "new PIRANHA because, truthfully, I'm not sure just what the hell they are currently calling the flick. One camp says it's called PIRANHA JPN. While another will say that it is called SUMMER OF PIRANHA.

Of course, I dig the title SUMMER OF PIRANHA more, but as long as they don't call it PIRANHA 3DD, or PIRANHA II: THE SPAWNING I'll be just fine.  Har, har.

PIRANHA JPN / SUMMER OF THE PIRANHA is said to be in pre-production at the moment and it currently aiming for a 2018 release. Summer 2018 would be my guess.  Unless they miss that release date, in which case then it will be called PIRANHA JPN. Ah, it all suddenly seems so clear.

PIRANHA 3DD star Katrina Bowden

Extra Tidbit: Pick a Piranha: PIRANHA '78 or PIRANHA 3D



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