Roland Emmerich's Stargate remake finds its writers

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Back in September of 2013 we learned that Roland Emmerich was aiming to reboot his cult-classic sci-fi flick STARGATE alongside his producing partner Dean Devlin, with the intent to create a new trilogy of films set in the STARGATE universe. Now the first film in the new STARGATE trilogy has landed its writers.

THR is reporting that Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods are in final negotiations to pen the remake of STARGATE with Emmerich slated to direct. The duo are relatively new writers, recently working with Emmerich writing on Fox’s INDEPENDENCE DAY 2, with the studio greenlighting the movie off their draft. Emmerich warmed up to Wright and Woods when his Centropolis Entertainment banner picked up a secret action thriller from the duo.

The original STARGATE, which starred Kurt Russell and James Spader and launched several TV series, told of...

...the discovery of a circular device that creates a wormhole allowing for scientists and military person to a distant world, where they discover an enslaved people who are descendants from ancient Egyptians.

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Source: THR



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