Roll Bounce director Malcolm Lee hired by Dimension to helm Scary Movie 5

SCARY MOVIE 5. I can't tell which is more unbelievable...the fact it's being made, being made with Charlie Sheen, or being made by the man who gave us the immortal ROLL BOUNCE. So, so many questions...

Anyway, EW has it on good word that Malcolm D. Lee (above) will direct SCARY MOVIE 5 for Dimension. To be fair, Malcolm also directed UNDERCOVER BROTHER, which is actually really fucking funny. WELCOME HOME, ROSCOE JENKINS on the other hand...wow. Never did see SOUL MEN, but I certainly want to being Bernie Mac's last role.

Back to, as JP put it perfectly, the completely unnecessary SCARY MOVIE 5. David Zucker, who wrote and directed parts 3 & 4 (and the much funnier NAKED GUN pictures), will produce and co-write part 5. The flick is currently casting, though Anna Faris, Kevin Hart, Regina Hall, Anthony Anderson have all been rumored to return to the franchise.

SCARY MOVIE 5 films this summer for a January 11, 2013 release.

Extra Tidbit: You down with a 5th SCARY MOVIE? You cool with Lee directing?
Source: EW



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