Roller Coaster based on The Wicker Man is a real thing and it's coming soon

Yeah, so let's go ahead and get this out of the way right off the bat, you're probably not going to believe this story is true (who could?) but, yes, it is true. Somehow. One of the U.K.’s leading theme parks, Alton Towers will be opening a new attraction this spring based on THE WICKER MAN.

I can only suspect that the ride is based on the love for the original film and not the Nic Cage remake, but still. The original film isn't what anyone would ever call family-friendly. And I don't think anyone ever watched either version of THE WICKER MAN and thought, "This would make a KILLER roller coaster!"

But all the same, the amusement park announced the new ride over on Twitter recently and you can check out said tweet below. Crazy, right? Heaven help us.

For more information on the upcoming roller coaster based on THE WICKER MAN click HERE.

Extra Tidbit: I ride the sh*t out of this rollercoaster.
Source: EW



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