Ron Howard to helm J.J. Abrams produced supernatural drama All I've Got?

Looks like J.J. and little Opie are joining forces!

According to Vulture, Ron (Opie) Howard has agreed to direct a supernatural drama called ALL I'VE GOT, a remake of a 2003 Israeli TV movie that J.J. Abrams is in line to produce. The original, translated to Kol Ma She'Yesh Li, was written and directed by Margalit Keren, who actually wrote teleplays for the acclaimed series "Be’Tipul," which HBO of course appropriated into the show "In Treatment."

As for ALL I'VE GOT, it revolves around the life of Tamara, who survived the freak car accident that killed her boyfriend, Udi. Though she went on to marry another man and have 3 children, her death at 75 leaves her at a crossroads. Once in the afterlife, Tamara is given the choice to forget the memory of her life post-accident and be young again with Udi, or choose to remain as she is and wait for her husband to join her.

Pretty lofty romanticism there, ay? Reminds me of CHANCES ARE meets HEREAFTER. Sappy maybe, but come on, Howard and Abrams working on the same project? Can't be all bad, right? Then again, Howard is quite the busy bee, so know knows where this will fall in the priority line. As it is, ALL I'VE GOT is set up at Paramount.

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Extra Tidbit: Any chance you saw the original ALL I'VE GOT? If so, is it good enough to remake?
Source: Vulture



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