Rumor: Child's Play remake to get an A-lister for Chucky's voice?

Child's Play Aubrey Plaza Lars Klevberg

The CHILD'S PLAY remake is set to reach theatres on June 21st, but according to YouTubers Jimmy Champane and 3C Films one lucky audience recently got the chance to see the movie a few months early at a test screening. The two accounts teamed up for a two-part discussion of the reactions they heard coming out of the test screening, and those videos are embedded below.

I won't dig into the details of what they discuss, as I don't want to take any steps into SPOILER territory. What I'm focusing on here is a subject that comes up at the beginning of the first video: the voice of Chucky in the remake.

The new CHILD'S PLAY will not feature the voice of Brad Dourif, as the remake doesn't have the blessing of franchise writer Don Mancini, who currently has a Chucky TV series in development at Syfy that will follow the events of the seven films in the original timeline. Dourif will be providing the voice of Chucky for that show.

So remake director Lars Klevberg has to find someone to replace Dourif, and according to Jimmy Champane and 3C Films the audience at the test screening was told that the studio is bringing an A-lister on board to deliver Chucky's lines. For the cut of the film that was shown at the screening, Chucky's lines were delivered by the head puppeteer.

Here's what is said in the video:

JC: The one thing that everyone's been wondering about with this new Chucky is specifically what he's gonna sound like. Since he's a robot that's allegedly gonna be hacked, people want to know if he's going to have two voices like the original Chucky. We can all assume that it's not gonna be a Brad Dourify style voice, but there were some cool things we heard from the test screening that make it sound pretty interesting, and one of them is that it's gonna be two voices again. He's gonna have a robot voice, but then he's gonna have an A-list celebrity voice.

3C: I think that's pretty interesting that they felt the need to say that before the test screening ... "What you'll hear isn't the final voice, but they have cast an A-list (celebrity) and that's what you'll hear in the final film."

If this pans out, sometime in the next three months we'll probably be seeing an announcement that a familiar name has been cast to provide the voice of Chucky.

For now we'll have to ponder: what A-lister out there would be the perfect choice to voice a killer robot doll?

Scripted by Tyler Burton Smith and produced by David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith, with Aaron Schmidt and Chris Ferguson serving as executive producers, the new CHILD'S PLAY stars Gabriel Bateman, Aubrey Plaza, Brian Tyree Henry, Beatrice Kitsos, Ty Consiglio, and Carlease Burke. 



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