Russia to get its own horror-exclusive production company

Russian cinema isn't exactly a vast operation. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, filmmaking in the country has been developing slowly and surely, but their biggest output tends to be historical dramas and prestige pictures. While genre filmmaking has always had a root in Russian culture (including the genuine classic 1967 horror flick VIY), only recently has the country began to produce genre films in earnest.

Between the wonderful action hero cheesefest BLACK LIGHTNING, the Renny Harlin found footage co-production DEVIL'S PASS, and the crummy slasher throwback TRACKMAN, genre influence has slowly been creeping into the system over the past decade or so. However, thanks to THE QUEEN OF SPADES: BLACK RITE producers Sergei Yershov and Vladislav Severtsev (also co-heads of Volga distribution), Russia will soon have a free-flowing outlet for horror.

The duo is launching 10/9, an all horror production company, with several projects already in development. "This will be the country's sole studio focused on the production of movies in the [horror] genre," said Severtsev. The company's otput will focus on

National archetypes and mythology, revisiting it with the use of contemporary film language so that films it produces will also have international appeal.

As fascinating as the history of Russian film is, it's truly exciting that they're moving into the modern age of cinema, especially with a genre so notable for being fringe yet packed with social and political subtext. 10/9's first film will commence production in Spring 2016, to be released later that year. When we get details, you'll be the first to know!

A still from the 2014 remake of VIY
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