Ryan Murphy teases American Horror Story: Freak Show's creepy villain!

If you can count on one thing regarding "American Horror Story" - well, other than the fact that Jessica Lange will be in it - it's that every season gifts us with a unique maniacal murderer. The first season had Rubber Man, Season Two had Bloody Face, and "AHS: Coven" introduced us to the Axe Man. So how can creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck top that grisly trio in Season Four?

Murphy, speaking to EW about "American Horror Story: Freak Show," teased his next serial slayer while describing the tone of the season.

...I thought it was going to be light but it’s turning out to be quite terrifyingly dark, which it feels much more like the Asylum season. But look — if you have a character named the Clown Killer, it’s going to be dark.”

Are we talking killer clown here?!

“Yes,” confirms Murphy. “The most terrifying clown ever!”

There you go, folks, "American Horror Story" is going the creepy clown route. And it figures to be positively nightmarish.

Extra Tidbit: No, that's not an actual picture of the "AHS" villain, it's just an upsetting clown I found on the internet. You're welcome!
Source: EW



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