Ryan Murphy's Feud to take us backstage on Baby Jane with Jessica Lange

Feud Ryan Murphy Jessica Lange Susan Sarandon Whatever Happened to Baby Jane

Jessica Lange might be finished with American Horror Story, but she sure as hell ain't done with Ryan Murphy. The prolific producer is launching yet another anthology series with Lange, this time entitled Feud. Evidently, the M.O. of this new series will be documenting famous feuds throughout the ages, beginning with an eight-episode season about the rift between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford while they were filming the 1962 camp classic WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE?

Lange will be playing Crawford opposite Susan Sarandon as Davis. Alfred Molina, Stanley Tucci, Judy Davis, and Dominic Burgess will also star in the series. Molina will portray film's director, Robert Aldrich; Tucci is studio titan Jack Warner; Davis will play gossip columnist Hedda Hopper; and Burgess is on board as Crawford and Davis' co-star, Victor Buono. 

Although the concept seems a little niche for 2016 audiences, that cast is as stunning as ever. The FX series is also being produced by Brad Pitt, of all people. The pilot is based in part on the script BEST ACTRESS by Jaffe Cohen and Michael Zam.

Production will commence this fall for a projected 2017 premiere.

Extra Tidbit: We've gotten horror, crimes, and feuds. What do you think is Murphy's next anthology series?



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