Sales art, plot details for Vicious Bros.' The Visitors

.We last heard word on The Vicious Brothers (GRAVE ENCOUNTERS) upcoming sci-fi horror THE VISITORS back in June when reddie Stroma signed on to encounter the titular baddies and today we have some new plot details from the flick as well as some new sales art just ahead of next month's AFM! Below you can read the new synopsis for THE VISITORS.

A group of college friends travel to a secluded cabin in the woods for a weekend of partying. As the night is winding down, they notice something strange in the sky: A ball of fire descending through the air. 

They drive out to investigate and find something incredible: The wreckage of a crashed aircraft, along with a pair of ominous footprints that lead out of the ship and into the woods…back towards the cabin. A thrilling and terrifying fight for survival ensues as the characters hole up in the cabin, board up the doors and windows and desperately try to survive the night as vengeful unwanted Visitors attack from all sides.

THE VISITORS also stars Brittany Allen, Melanie Papalia, Jesse Moss and Anja Savcic.

Take a look at the early sales art below.

Extra Tidbit: Does THE VISITORS sound like it could be a fun lil' flick to you?



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