Sam Jackson joins Gary Oldman & Joel Kinnaman in MGM's Robocop remake

Sam Jackson and Gary Oldman together again? Too bad it ain't a sequel to TRUE ROMANCE!

Word from THR claims Jackson has been cast in MGM's ROBOCOP redo, set to play Pat Novak, a charismatic TV mogul and a powerful force in the Robocop world. As you'll recall, "The Killing" star Joel Kinnaman will don the metal, with Jose Padilha directing. Oldman has already been cast as Robocop's scientist-creator.

Sounds pretty f*ckin' sweet to me, as unnecessary as I deem remakes in the first place. Both Sam and Gary are among the best actors we have, though the former has fallen off a bit in later years. Still, seeing those two tear it up once more is, after the epic TRUE ROMANCE exchange ("I eat every mothaf*ckin' thang"), is too enticing to pass up. How good the movie turns out is another question altogether, but if 90% of directing is casting, Padilha is on the right track so far. At least for the support.

What says you? The cast good enough for you to check out the flick, even if you hate the idea of remaking ROBOCOP to begin with?

Extra Tidbit: Where was Sammy in the DJANGO UNCHAINED trailer?
Source: THR



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