Sam Raimi to produce Angelfall, a post-apocalyptic YA novel with angels

Sam Raimi adapting a post-apocalyptic YA novel about angels? Hmmm...

THR has broken the news, stating that Raimi is partnering with Good Universe to produce an adaptation of Susan Ee's ANGELFALL to the big-screen. No director has been set, but I highly doubt Raimi will helm it himself.

The story is set weeks after angels of the apocalypse wreak revenge against mankind for the killing of Archangel Gabriel. When 17-year-old Penryn tries and fails to escort her wheelchair-bound sister and their mother to safety, she teams up with a handsome young angel with clipped wings, braving evil seraphs, human gangs and cannibals in order to find her sister.

Evil seraphs, human gangs and cannibals? Alright, I'm listening. Still, the stigma of YA around here raises immediate suspicion. Maybe Raimi sees something in the material that will appeal to his base, the hardened horror heads. Then again, OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL?

What says you? You willing to give anything Raimi produces a chance, or do you see him going a little too power-producer and not enough auteur these days? Better yet, have you read ANGELFALL? Is the material good enough to warrant Raimi's name?

Spill some damn blood below!

Extra Tidbit: If Raimi gets Mila Kunis to star (above, like in OZ), I'm in!
Source: THR



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