Sample the Maniac remake's soundtrack and score!

Update: The MANIAC remake's soundtrack is now on iTunes. You can find the artwork below-- it recalls the original poster, though unlike Joe Spinell, Elijah Wood doesn't have a visible erection. That's probably for the best, so check it out now!

Continuing the (purely unintentional) theme of horror soundtrack news, we have a pair of samples from the upcoming MANIAC remake.

The Frank Khalfoun directed redo employs a musician known only as Rob to construct the film's soundtrack and score. What follows is the film's main theme and song, "Juno," which is a collaboration between Rob and Chloe Alper.

These cuts should help tide you over until the Elijah Wood vehicle hits theaters this spring. Groove on the sinister sounds below and talk back with your thoughts on the MANIAC remake's aural delights.

Extra Tidbit: Fun fact-- "Maniac" by Michael Sembello was originally written for MANIAC, only to be retooled later for FLASH DANCE. Hence, the gratuitous Jennifer Beals pic above.
Source: STYD



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