Sandler's Shortcut trailer

You know those scary movie trailers where fast forms of suspense are flashed across the screen and are then interjected by a cut to black where words come zooming towards you? This is the means of advertisement used on the brand new trailer for THE SHORTCUT. Now, the trailer itself seems like your usual jumpy, evil-secret-from-the-past fare, however, I couldn’t help but get a weird feeling when halfway through it, the following words came flashing towards me: Executive Producer Adam Sandler.

If you were watching some potentially frightening serious shit occurring on the screen and were then suddenly hit with the full name of THE WATERBOY, wouldn’t it seem out of place… or that the film being advertised was about to switch to a comedy? I guess that is what happened to me. Of course this is only because Mr. Sandler has made it a habit now of regurgitating the same kind of juvenile yuckfests that stopped being really funny a long time ago. Hence, it’s tough for me to associate him with horror… yet. I’m definitely willing to give THE SHORTCUT a shot as long as there aren’t any cameos from Rob Schneider. You can click on the link below to watch the non–funny trailer.

The plot cuts like this: Two brothers come upon a rarely used shortcut in their new town-and soon discover the reasons why it's so rarely used.

The script was written by Scott Sandler and Dan Hannon with Nicholaus Goossen on as director. The cast includes Shannon Marie Woodward, Katrina Bowden, Andrew Seeley, Dave Franco, and Nicholas Elia. There is currently no set release date.

Extra Tidbit: Instead of Sandler's "Happy Madison" production compay, THE SHORTCUT is being produced under the sub-division "Scary Madison".
Source: AITH



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