Saoirse Ronan gets her hands dirty in first still from vamp flick Byzantium

Have you guys been following Neil Jordan's vampire romp BYZANTIUM? It's alright if you haven't because we've been doing it for you!

Last month we learned that Jonny Lee Miller and Tom Hollander had joined the cast and now here I am with our first official look at the flick! Natch! Deadline London did us all a solid by tossing up the first still from BYZANTIUM. In the shot, which can be found below, we've got the young Saoirse Ronan looking perplexed with her hands covered in blood. I can dig it! Just scroll on down below to get a look at that shite for yourself.

Two young women arrive in a nameless British small town. Their names are not their own. They don’t declare their ages. Their relationship with each other is not clear. Are they sisters, as their assumed identities declare? Or are they mother and daughter? The eldest, Claire, takes a job in a pub. The youngest, Eleanor, goes to school.

During a truth exercise in her drama class, Eleanor confesses that she has been alive for over two hundred years and has survived by drinking human blood. Her classmates think she is utterly crazy and Mint, her teacher, puts her in touch with the school counselor. She makes one friend, Frank, a boy who has been home educated and is as much of an oddity as Eleanor. He tries to get to the bottom of her vampire delusion, thinking it an epic and compelling psychosis. Why would anyone want to be undead?

Along with Ronan, Miller and Hollander the flick will also star Gemma Arterton (below), Sam Riley, Daniel Mays, Uri Gavriel, Jeff Mash and Caleb Landry Jones. No release date for BYZANTIUM has been announced yet but the thing did just wrap principal photography so I'm sure we can expect a lot more updates soon!

Extra Tidbit: Jonny Lee Miller's first non-TV movie was the 1995 computer thriller HACKERS, which also starred Angelina Jolie and Matthew Lillard.
Source: Deadline



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