Sarah Snook & Mark Webber join supernatural horror flick Jessabelle

About five weeks ago Jared gave y'all the early skinny on JESSABELLE, a bayou-set supernatural horror tale from Kevin Greutert (SAW 3D). Well, looks like we know who'll be dragged through the swamps when all is said and done...

Variety has it that Aussie actress Sarah Snook (below) and indie mainstay Mark Webber (right) have joined JESSABELLE. Snook will play the terrified protagonist, while Webber will play her childhood friend who helps her uncover the truth about her family.

Remember, JESSABELLE follows a woman (Snook) who is forced to return to her father's home in Louisiana when a car accident leaves her without the use of her legs. It's not long before she discovers a mystery surrounding her own birth, as well as an angry ghost determined to destroy her.

Pretty dark stuff there, strange that it came from comedy scribe Robert Ben Garant (TAXI, BALLS OF FURY). I'm into it though...there's nothing like celebrating National Woman's Day by giving a young actress a legless role. Shite's poetic!

JESSABELLE enters production next month.

Extra Tidbit: JESSABELLE sound like a dark horror comedy or a straight up supernatural thriller? How do you like the casting of Snook and Webber?
Source: Variety



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