Saw hits the high seas! No, really: There's a Saw movie cruise now.

Disney Cruise Line, this is not...

The horror of the SAW movies is taking to the waves during the "Official SAW Movie Cruise," to be held August 11-16, 2012, aboard the cruise ship Carnival Glory. SAW cruisers will travel round-trip from New York to Canada's Maritime Provinces.

I guess if you live long enough, you see just about everything. From the official press release touting this odd excursion:

Every SAW Cruiser can meet, party and dine with stars of the SAW movies. Fans can take photos with many of their favorite actors including SAW franchise legend Costas Mandylor ("Hoffman"). In addition, Jigsaw's "Puppet," used and seen in the SAW movies, will be aboard and available for free photo opportunities.

Dan Yeager, who stars as "Leatherface" in the new movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D, will also be on the cruise – and everyone on the SAW cruise will get a free Dan Yeager autographed photo. This is Dan Yeager's first official fan appearance, and he will be signing autographs and taking photos with fans during the entire cruise.

The five-night round-trip cruise leaves New York City on August 11 and includes stops at Saint John, N.B., and Halifax, N.S., plus two days at sea.

SAW cruisers can choose from three cruise packages, depending on the type of cabin (room) they select. Based on the package purchased, cruisers can receive access to the following events: private meals and cocktail parties with SAW actors, autograph signings with SAW actors, parties with the SAW stars, including an open bar; individual photos with SAW stars, question-and-answer sessions with SAW stars; pool and dance parties with SAW stars; a SAW tattoo contest judged by SAW stars; a SAW trivia contest, mini-golf and volleyball tournaments with SAW stars; and screenings of SAW movies.

For further information, check out this PDF, which will explain everything. Well, perhaps not everything. The confusion I feel over this will never truly go away...

SAW 3D hottie Rebecca Marshall will be there!

Extra Tidbit: Can you picture yourself sleeping on the same ship as Costas Mandylor and the SAW puppet?
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