Saw returns to Halloween Horror Nights with a preview of Jigsaw

Saw Billy puppet

The SAW franchise is coming back. After dominating the horror genre for a seven year run, each film reaching theatres just in time for Halloween from 2004 to 2010, the series has taken a break for the better part of a decade, but now the eighth film, titled JIGSAW, is set to reach the big screen on October 27, 2017. 

What sort of terrifying traps will characters find themselves struggling to survive this time? If you're able to make it to Hollywood or Orlando in October or the second half of September, you won't have to wait until JIGSAW comes out to find out.

The SAW series will be part of this year's Halloween Horror Nights event at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort with an all-new maze called SAW: The Games of Jigsaw. Any guests who dare enter this maze

will come face-to-face with the work of master craftsman “Jigsaw” and a collection of his most infamous traps from the SAW film series and upcoming eighth installment JIGSAW.

Lionsgate's Jenefer Brown had this to say about the maze: 

We’re thrilled to be partnering again with Universal Studios on an immersive experience that celebrates everything that our SAW fans love. The maze features the most terrifying traps that made the SAW franchise such a Halloween tradition, including some of the best from our upcoming film JIGSAW. What better way to complement the film’s release this Halloween than taking audiences into the over-the-top action at Halloween Horror Nights.”

Halloween Horror Nights executive producer John Murdy promises that The Games of Jigsaw is "the most twisted SAW maze ever produced".

SAW: The Games of Jigsaw will be open at the Universal Studios parks on select nights from September 15th through November 4th.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be going through this maze?



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