Say g'day to Wake In Fright's 40th Anniversary trailer

I'm personally very stoked to finally get a look at WAKE IN FRIGHT, Ted Kotcheff's 1970 Aussie thriller that has gotten a lovely restoration by Drafthouse Films on its 40th Anniversary. The new trailer for WAKE IN FRIGHT, which Martin Scorsese called "a deeply... unsettling and disturbing movie," has just been released and can be seen below. It's a rather unusual and unsettling preview, which I assume mirrors the movie closely.

Wake in Fright is the story of John Grant (Gary Bond), a bonded teacher who arrives in the rough Australian outback mining town of Bundanyabba, planning to stay overnight before catching the plane to Sydney. But, as his one night stretches to five, he plunges headlong toward his own destruction. When the alcohol-induced mist lifts, the educated John Grant is no more. Instead there is a self-loathing man in a desolate wasteland, dirty, red-eyed, sitting against a tree and looking at a rifle with one bullet left.

WAKE IN FRIGHT opens theatrically in New York on October 5 at The Film Forum (NYC), October 19 at The Nuart (LA) and will have a national release to follow in major cities after screening at Fantastic Fest 2012 this week (Drafthouse Films).

Extra Tidbit: Ted Kotcheff also brought us such intense stories of survival as FIRST BLOOD and WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S.



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