Scary Movie writers to tackle The Hunger Games with spoof The Starving Games

These guys just don't know when to stop, do they?

According to Variety the SCARY MOVIE writing duo of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are once again looking to the world of spoof films with their upcoming project THE STARVING GAMES. Ten bucks says you can guess which flick they'll be spoofing this time around!

You got it folks - Gary Ross' THE HUNGER GAMES! And why the hell not? The flick made tons of money and is ripe for the picking. But THE HUNGER GAMES isn't the only film to be attacked this go-around. Other flicks to be spoofed in THE STARVING GAMES include THE AVENGERS, SHERLOCK HOLMES and the latest HARRY POTTER flick. Works for me.

Peter Safran will produce THE STARVING GAMES through his Safran Co. shingle with K5 selling the flick's international rights at Cannes.

I'd ask how you guys are feeling about THE STARVING GAMES but we all know this thing is going to be horrendous so I won't even bother.

One thing this spoof won't have - Jennifer Lawrence!
Extra Tidbit: What flicks would you like to see spoofs on?
Source: Variety



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