Sci-fi classic Futureworld arrives on Blu-ray March 26!

Shout! Factory is at it again with the upcoming March 26th blu-ray release for the 1976 sci-fi classic FUTUREWORLD from director Richard T. Heffron. FUTUREWORLD is the sequel to the equally campy WESTWORLD with stars Peter Fonda and Blythe Danner. If you're a fan of 70's sci-fi with cheesy special effects FUTUREWORLD is one worth checking out as it's a pretty fun follow up to WESTWORLD.

Upon its release in 1976, CGI was certainly a thing and was utilized in several short animated films, FUTUREWORLD however, was the first feature to use 3D computer graphics to animate the hand and face with Peter Fonda no doubt being the first major actor to have his face "digitized" for the silver screen. Not bad!

Do you remember that disaster at Delos a few years ago when the “Westworld” robots went out of control and killed a few guests? Well, the entire resort has now been rebuilt and redesigned to be completely fail-safe. To combat the lingering adverse publicity, Duffy, the Delos representative, has offered the IMC Communication Network exclusive rights to the “new” Delos story. Tracy Ballard (Blythe Danner), the network’s top commentator, has been assigned the story with Chuck Browning (Peter Fonda), the newspaper reporter who broke the original “Westworld” disaster story. But as Tracy and Chuck’s private tour starts, they get the feeling the entire resort might not be as safe as Delos thinks…

The special features include:

- Theatrical Trailer

- Radio Spots

- Still Gallery

You can pre-order your copy right HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Will FUTUREWORLD find its way into your collection?
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