Scribes Bob Layton & David Michelinie tapped to adapt horror comic Shambler

Whenever we hit the pages of AITH to tell you about a grapic novel adaptation it's usually a project that borderlines our beloved genre. Thankfully today we have news on a full-on horror comic heading to the big screen!

Alright maybe this isn't 'full-on' but it is described as a action/horror/comedy so I'm going to roll with it! I'm talking about the comic SHAMBLER, which is coming at us courtesy of Odyssey Pictures Corp and producer Anne Marie Gillen.

Word coming in from Variety today has scribes Bob Layton and David Michelinie signing on to help with the project, which they will pen with Steve Barr. Odyssey's John Foster, Layton and Michelinie are executive producing with Maury Rogow and Ralph Boral also on as producers on the pic, which has a budget of about $4 million. Here's the rundown for SHAMBLER:

"Shambler" centers on a scientist who creates a serum that reanimates dead tissue. He's murdered but reanimated by associates as a mummy encased in black-and-yellow crime scene tape.

Sounds good to me! Hopefully with some more scribes on this thing news will be coming our way sooner rather than later. You can bet as soon as we hear more on SHAMBLER we'll be right here to tell you about it.

Extra Tidbit: Bob Layton and David Michelinie created the IRON MAN characters 'Rhodey Rhodes' and 'Justin Hammer.'
Source: Variety



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